June Update


It’s June already? Half over you say? Well, must be time for an update.

Things are almost back to normal, considering we’ve been out of town for consecutive weekends and everyone’s schedule is still getting sorted. By next week we should all have our acts together in time for everything to change again. As you do.

Here’s how our new stairs and landing looked after being sanded, polyurethaned, and sealed. I was sure you would want an after photo.


The husband did good. And the person we hired to do everything after the wood was installed did a fine job also.

The other thing we did was paint another room. Our guestroom was a hot mess. We took down the wallpaper border. We washed the walls. We painted the ceiling. We primed the walls. And we painted it green. It’s the green room.


This weekend we plan to put the room back together so we can have guests again, but also so I can have my sewing room back. When that happens, I can start piecing a baby blanket and pass on another baby blanket quilt sandwich to a friend for quilting. I have until the baby is like one, right? He was early. I can’t work with such loosey, goosey time constraints. But seriously the next blanket is for a baby shower in about three weeks so I should probably get on that.

We’ve done a lot to the house lately, most of it planned, some of it unplanned (hello, Roto-Rooter), but it makes me thankful we have the ability to do what we can on our own and the wherewithal to hire people when we need to. Having said that, we have a constant list running, possibly in print somewhere in the vicinity of our kitchen, of what to do next. We’ve taken care of the big projects for this year, but looking ahead we have more than enough to keep us busy. A house full of carpeting, anyone? How about a new deck? We should probably paint that other bedroom soon, too.

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