A Quilt for Baby

July! Already? Yep. And it’s almost half over. I know because I have a very good reason to celebrate in the middle of the month (Love you, M!) So I thought I would show you what I’ve been up to and how a baby quilt of mine came together recently for a neighbor of ours who lives down the street. She’s got a month or so left before her baby boy enters the world and I wish her and her growing family all my best.

For this baby quilt I didn’t want to have to pick out a ton of fabrics. I know some people enjoy this, but it’s not my favorite part of putting a quilt together. Having said that, I still wanted some variety in the quilt top so I picked up a jelly roll of 20 strips (2 each of ten different patterns) in a variety of purples, blues, and greens. And then I got busy.


I used 14 of the twenty strips on the initial quilt, which meant seven different patterns, repeated in the same order one right after the other. And then I sewed those together to form a tube. It’s a thing. Don’t believe me? Look it up. There’s a better picture after this one where I left a tube together so you could see what it looks like. As with any quilt, once you sew something together, it must be time to cut it apart again.


Ans then sew it back together in new and interesting ways. Here’s that picture of the tube I promised, flipped right side out.


Once I was happy with the main body of the quilt, it was time to add borders. I dipped into the strips I had left from the jelly roll and used four more for the top and bottom. Then I made sure to take an extra tube with me back to the fabric store where I could find a fabric I liked for an outer border and a backing/binding. I had two strips left over from the jelly roll and pieced those into the material I used for the binding/backing.

Then I gave it to a friend of mine who likes to quilt. For the price of thread (and she likes her thread), I got the baby blanket quilted. Here’s a close-up.


We spoke of densities and wanted to try to make the density of the quilt a little higher than usual and she did a great job adding vines to the main portion, wishbones in the inner border and flowers in the outer border. And again it cost me the price of a couple spools of thread. She got to quilt and I got an almost finished baby blanket out of the deal.

Then it was time to finish it. I added the binding, mitered my corners, and straight stitched around the front. I made sure to wash it before I wrapped it up and gave it away. Hope the little guy gets lots of tummy time out of it. Next time I’ll try and remembere to take a picture of the entire completed quilt, promise.


2 thoughts on “A Quilt for Baby

  1. Wow. How beautiful. Excellent work, well done, great colors and beautiful patterns. Have a good day!


  2. wow! I am so happy batik prints and fabrics have risen to their rightful state. The quilt is lovely. I recently put up a tile border of 35 tiles around my kitchen, all unique Talavera tile. At the store, the tile guy said the quilters who come in have no trouble arranging the tiles best. They just have “the eye.”


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