About Amber


Born. Reared in the Midwest. Educated and encouraged to pursue life through experience. Raising the next generation.

Like to try new things? Like to finish things you start, no matter how long they might take you? You might like it here. You also might be a writer. Anyway. There’s lots of learning as you go here, along with some travel, thoughts on current issues, a few good causes, and the occasional book or movie review thrown in for fun.

Amber Boudreau has a background in Geology (yea, science, and facts!) and enjoys reading (mostly fantasy, but anything really), sewing (quilting and piecing), attending conferences, and traveling, but doesn’t mind sticking close to home. She is a lover of all things Terry Pratchett and dragons.

Amber lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband of many years (most of them spent together), her delightful and sometimes imperious children, and a menagerie of pets.

Don’t forget to drop me a line at authoramberb [at] gmail [dot] com to hear more about Amber’s upcoming published works.

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