When the Kids Are Away…

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The parents go to the movies. A lot. Like every day since we’ve been home including the day we drove back. That Avenger’s movie–yeah, finally saw it. The new Ocean’s 8–all over it. Deadpool 2–yep. I also finished season 2 of Thirteen Reasons Why. Here are the impressions I walked away with and whether I would sit through them again. Oh, and spoilers ahead.

Avengers: Infinity War – I feel like I’m the only one who hadn’t seen this, so there’s not much to say. Did I cry? No. Did I get choked up? You bet. Probably more than once. How fast can the remaining Avengers come up with time travel and sort out this effed-up timeline? I’m guessing. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I can’t wait for them to fix it. That’s one drawback with the MCU – I saw this movie as a giant setup for the next one, which is probably why I didn’t emote as much, but we’ve got part 2 next year and I suspect that will be the one that destroys me and gives me all the feels. Looking forward to that, I guess. But would I sit through this one again? At least once probably, just to catch everything I might have missed during my initial viewing, but I’m not sure about any more than that. Perhaps when it can be viewed in conjunction with part 2 I’ll be better prepared to watch all the death and destruction.

Ocean’s 8 – My husband mentioned reading a review that said all the best parts were simply the women being together and talking. I would agree. The film was light with some of the funnier moments delivered by Awfwafina. Again, perhaps the film suffered from my expectations. I never really thought the ladies wouldn’t get away with their crime. It was simply a matter of how and, ahem, how much. In flashback, we find out how Debbie Ocean ended up behind bars in the first place. The incident involved a man. After that misstep, it’s abundantly clear she has no interest in any emotional attachments outside the con, so I was never worried they couldn’t pull it off. Also, my husband pointed out that if they didn’t want the audience to know Anne Hathaway was a part of the con, they should have left her off the movie poster. I would watch it again to see the women on the screen having a good time doing what they do.

Deadpool 2 – By far the funniest film. Also the filthiest and most foul-mouthed. Good fun all around. Turns out it’s a family film that I wouldn’t actually take my family to see. The fourth wall gets smashed to smithereens repeatedly, but it’s there when you need it – the moment things get too emotional in a hearfelt way. Cable travels backward through time to get revenge on the mutant that killed his family in the future. Standing between him and the teenage mutant who hasn’t gone bad yet is Deadpool and the X-Force. I’ve never enjoyed Doll Parton’s 9 to 5 more. I would have to sit through it again to catch all the references.

Thirteen Reason Why Season 2 – I’ve been working my way through this one for a while now. And while I got some closure along with some of the characters on the show, it was also brutal and heartwrenching. Unlike the movies above, I’m not sure of the continued health of any one of the characters on this show or whether any of them will ever get what they want. It feels like at any time one of them could be snatched away. Just like life. Will there be a Season 3? I haven’t heard anything yet. I hope there is if only to wrap up the storylines. Having sat through the whole season once, I don’t think I could do it again. A new season, sure, but not this one again. Everything I’ve watched happen has stuck with me, so there’s no need.

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