Sick and Tired

Ugh. So sick. And tired.

And sick and tired.

My husband stayed home from work Wednesday to take care of me and our youngest. Not the best Valentine’s Day. For lots of reasons.

There was another school shooting. Again. This time in Florida.

And now I want the responsible gun owners, who swear they’re out there, to do something. I want them to vote for people in favor of universal background checks and bans on bump stocks. It’s the least they can do.

Because I’m still sending my children to public school and the answer is not more guns. And how dare anyone suggest we arm teachers when we won’t even allow them the line item deduction of school supplies on their taxes. Teachers want to teach, not put their life on the line doing their jobs. There are people who do that. We call them the police, first-responders, and firefighters.

And I’m done with the whole cars are more dangerous than guns, let’s get rid of all of the cars argument. Ditto for those who think, ah well, 17 lives, that’s just one night in a major city or one day in all of the abortion clinics in America. I’m 100% done with your false equivalency.

My illness will pass, but this other sickness will not. One I can use soup to get over, the other not so much.

1 thought on “Sick and Tired

  1. I may not have the flu bug but I feel your other sickness. Why are our children collateral damage to our stupidity and the ridiculous argument that cars and knives are dangerous too, even though they have primary purposes and a gun’s only purpose is to kill? I worry everyday for my children. I’m sick of thoughts and prayers from those with no intention of doing anything about this stranglehold the gun lobby has on this country. When will enough be enough?
    Oh, and I hope your bug passes quickly.

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