Aug/September 2022 Update

The Dragoneer and the Pretender coming on Oct 3rd.

Here I am, scraping by under the wire. There are more than 12 hours left in September. Plenty of time.

We wrapped up summer with a bang (literally in some cases. Are fireworks on Labor Day a thing now? Dislike) and the kids started back to school at the beginning of September. For the first time, they’re attending two different schools with two different start times, which has doubled my anxiety. We’re working through it.

I’ve been busy getting ready for The Dragoneer and the Pretender to hit shelves NEXT WEEK on MONDAY, October 3rd. It was made available for free via prolific works and NetGalley and I’m so excited for people to have read it and share their thoughts. I’ll be reminding people to do that very thing via email and social media on Monday.

It was such an honor and a privilege to write Pretender. Not everyone gets to write a sequel. Or they might, but it doesn’t get published. I’m so excited to continue the story and share it with everyone.

If you’re on the fence, you should know my publisher is calling Pretender a stand-alone sequel. You don’t need to have read the first one to get right into the second, but I totally understand if you want to read The Dragoneer to get caught up.

In the first book, we’re introduced to Moira Noble, a studious 15-year-old on her own in the woods to work on a project, when she discovers a cave. When she enters it to discover a small, scaled creature calling itself a dragon, she makes the sensible decision and flees. But our heroine has a history of dealing with anxiety. She’s able to overcome her fears and help the little creature. When she does, she realizes her finding the cave may not have been as accidental as she first thought. She names him Zephyr and learns that as a tiny wyvern he snuck into her room and bit her, making her his dragoneer. The position imbues her with a certain amount of magical abilities, which will come in handy as she has to keep him safe from the trolls who seek to end his life. It doesn’t help when a mysterious figure known as The Librarian, tells her that if she fails to protect Zephyr, her own life will be forfeit as well. No pressure.

Anyway, Pretender picks right up where Dragoneer ended. In it, Moira and Zephyr will have to travel to his world and rescue their kidnapped friends. They’ll meet allies and plenty of enemies once they arrive.

Did I mention I’m excited? I am. Building up Zephyr’s world was so fun and I have great news: I’m 10k words into the third book. It’s going well. Fingers crossed for continued success there.

In other news, if you live in Minnesota, I’ll be at the Twin Cities Book Festival at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Oct, 15th. I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m attending because an author I really enjoy reading will be there and I’ll have all of her books with me and will be getting them signed. What? I’m allowed to geek out over other writers.

Preorders for the ebook and the paperback are open now. Here’s a link:

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