July 2022 Update

Fountain in Copenhagen, Denmark

Here I am again, sneaking in under the wire. It’s still July for a little while longer. Before I look forward to the month of August, I’ve got to talk about July, which was a whirlwind and a half.

We spent a good portion of it abroad, in Denmark. Getting there was an adventure in itself. The flight was delayed, we missed our connection, the usual claptrap. What it meant was that after two days of travel we made it to Copenhagen in time to get our car, find the hotel, grab a quick bite to eat, and then pass out. In other words, everything worked out.

Shout out to my kids real quick, who are awesome little travelers, able to sleep in uncomfortable places, and keep their act together even when things go awry. Like when we were Billund and the laundry facilities I expected to be there, were not. Which meant we had a very early morning finding a laundromat 45 minutes away to spend a couple hours watching clothes spin. Believe me, this could have been a crap fest, and I myself went beyond frustrated when my husband had to track down a 24-hour atm to get funds for more laundry, but the kids kept it together. They were champs. And not bad photographers. Here’s one by the youngest.

Penguins at the Odense Zoo.

Aside from that, I would say we had a great time. Though we flew into Denmark, we did a lot of driving and took the autobahn down to Germany to see some family friends and celebrate the youngest’s birthday while we were at it. We made some good memories. Here’s a pic from the eldest

View of the Rhine Valley near the Niederwald Monument

Much driving, one bridge crossing, one ferry ride, and several flights later we made it home, where the kids promptly took off for more adventures with their cousins and grandmother.

Looking forward to August, I have some big news. Starting TOMORROW you can get the first chapter of The Dragoneer and The Pretender on Kindle Vella, wait for it, for FREE. The first three chapters won’t cost you a thing, and the first TEN will be made available throughout the month of August starting Monday. And on the 8th, we’ll be revealing the cover. I’m so excited to share this story with everyone.

I’ll see you in August!

1 thought on “July 2022 Update

  1. Wow, your kids really are great photographers and patient little travelers! Glad everything worked out in the end though ☺️
    All the best, Stephanie and Jerome


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