April 2022 Update

Two years into the pandemic and I can say I’ve finally had Covid. It’s a testament to the scientific community that I’m able to tell you it wasn’t that bad. Thanks to getting vaccinated and boosted, I could complain of having had some congestion and a cough, but nothing serious. Nothing that landed me in the hospital. Nothing that put me on a ventilator.

My kids got it also. They tested positive first. It was a Tuesday. By the next Monday, their symptoms were gone and they went back to school, where, thankfully, masking is still required.

They, too, had been vaccinated.

I don’t feel like the vaccine let us down. The vaccine did its job. It kept us out of an already overburdened medical system and allowed us to recuperate at home. That was the point. All the effort we put into staying home, keeping our distance, and going into lockdown wasn’t for nothing. It kept us safe to the point that when we did catch it, we knew well enough to remain home instead of trying to go to work and school and spread it further, and we didn’t get ill enough to require medical attention other than some over the counter medicines.

Being vaccinated, I knew we could still catch Covid. But because we did our job and got the shot in the first place, it wasn’t any worse than any other seasonal flu or cold we would have contracted and spread amongst ourselves. It wasn’t pleasant, but it could have been so much worse.

And I know. We could catch it again.

If we do, we’ll be ready for it.

Now, however, I’m dealing with something more insidious than the flu and that’s back pain. Apparently, I have a bulging disc that’s putting pressure on some nerves. These nerves run through my hip joint to the front of my leg where they crawl down my quad and light up my shins with throbbing awareness. I’m due for a shot of steroids to the spine, but guess what? Because of my positive Covid test, they can’t possibly see me for another three weeks.

My positive test came at the beginning of April. I have to wait 6 weeks for the shot I could have had earlier this week if I hadn’t told them I had a positive test result. It’s a little off-putting. Another doctor, whom I saw in urgent care, night have referred to the doctor doing the shot as a “prima donna.” Whom am I to argue? Did I mention I was in urgent care? No one goes to urgent care for fun.

So I have several new prescriptions I’m taking in the meantime while I try to get some sleep at night.

I hope to get back to writing something new soon and plan on having exciting news to share with everyone next time. Take care all.

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