March 2022 Update

The Ides of March.

They’re going better for me than they did for Ceasar. Then again, the day’s not over.

I’m hard at work on the final edits for the sequel to The Dragoneer. They’ve got me tied up in knots. I say “final” but until the book is printed, is anything really final? Even then, there may be other editions.

Reviews have started rolling in for Second Nature and I’m happy to read that people are enjoying it and want more. I want more too, but then I’ll have to write it, which could be an issue when I’m in the middle of so many other things.

It’s Girl Scout cookie season and I’m surrounded by many different types of cookies at the moment and hope I can get rid of them all.

With Spring Break around the corner, I’m hoping to wrap a few things up to be able to enjoy our time out of town away from home. Not too far, but a welcome change of scenery.

That’s all for now. This could have been a tweet. Almost.

Stay healthy out there everyone. The new season of Bridgerton comes to Netflix on the 25th and no one wants to miss that.

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