March 2021 Update

My first reasonably-sized dish cloth

It’s Spring. We celebrated with, you guessed it, snow. Because Wisconsin.

My husband’s birthday is at the end of the month and it’s always a crap shoot as to what the weather is going to be like. Could be sunny and very Spring-like. Could be cold and snowy. Fingers are crossed for something resembling the former and not the latter. I ordered a big cake and we need other people around to help us eat it. Therefore, it would help if it were decent outside. I’m not asking for perfect weather, but something nice enough so I don’t end up eating most of this monstrosity of a birthday cake by myself. My husband is turning the big 4-0, so I may have gone a teensy bit overboard. Not really. He deserves all the things. I’m just trying to make it memorable – in a good way.

I’ve been staying busy by knitting a full-size dish cloth and starting another one, going to book club (when I get a chance to read the book) and planning things for the husband’s birthday. There will be balloons. In the middle of all that, Girl Scout cookie season kicked off and I’m now up to my eyeballs in thin mints and 8 other kinds of cookie.

Oh, and I just cracked 30 thousand words on my latest work in progress and shared the first chapter with my critique group to overall positive reviews.

I also hit send on a very big email to the publisher of The Dragoneer. What was in the email? The sequel to the Dragoneer.

I could use a drink.

Also, I shouldn’t have to say these things, but #StopAsianHate and stuff your thoughts and prayers. I prefer policy and change.

1 thought on “March 2021 Update

  1. Congrats on the sequel!! Woo hoo!!

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