February 2021 Update

My first piece of knitting.

Here it is more than half-way through February and would you believe there are still people who don’t think President Biden won a fair election? I’m looking at a representative from Louisiana and a Senator from my own state of Wisconsin. Four years ago Democrats were told to get over their loss and called snowflakes, but I don’t remember any of them storming the capital or anyone getting killed because they got their feelings hurt. We’ll have to see how the ramifications of these events will play out over time.

We’ve also hit a landmark of 500,000 dead from COVID 19.

My family and I had a scare at the beginning of the month when the pool where my kids take swim lessons on Wednesday called and emailed me on Friday to let us know we had been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID 19. Because of the measures they had in place – temperature checks, mask-wearing, social distancing, constant wiping down of frequently touched surfaces – we did not get sick. The facility did a great job following the rules but all it takes is one person. Needless to say, we won’t be continuing with swim lessons until perhaps summer.

We’re coming up on the first anniversary of the pandemic and quarantine. What would make an appropriate gift? I hear it’s paper. On a roll. Next to the toilet. Ahem.

It took a year, but I also finally tried knitting with lots of help from my sister. I probably won’t produce anything beyond dishcloths or mug rugs, but it’s not a bad way to keep my hands busy and let my mind wander over all the fantastic plot points I should be writing. Speaking of which, I cracked twenty thousand words on my latest work in progress and will continue to press on. Meanwhile, the sequel to The Dragoneer has been with my beta readers a little over three weeks now and I’m hoping to get their comments and have a good-looking draft to my publisher by mid March. From there, we’ll see where it goes,

Thank you for reading, Stay safe and sane everyone.

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