March Update


Feeling a bit sassy with this one. I wanted to squeeze in an update before the end of the month, also known as, you know, tomorrow.

So, I was out of town. What have I missed?

Just kidding. I don’t think anyone could have missed what’s going on unless they deliberately sequestered themselves, living off the land with no outside communication, and in this case, doesn’t that just work in their favor?

I was supposed to go to Italy with my sister.

That did not work out; we canceled at the last minute. After regrouping we ended up going to Florida instead while the poo hit the fan everywhere, including Florida. It was surreal to be in an amusement park and read that said amusement park would be closing in the next two days for several weeks.

I’ve been home for over two weeks now and have not had any symptoms and otherwise remained healthy. Nor did I realize how grateful for the reprieve I would be until I came back from a week away from my kids to spend every waking moment with them. We’re starting week three of #stayathome today. We have a rough schedule and we’re making things work and sticking this out so out health care workers and hospitals don’t get overwhelmed like we’ve been seeing other places, including New York.

On Facebook, I can see some profiles beginning to show cracks. They really don’t like this social distancing and want it to end. They focus on how many people have survived but don’t know what life-saving measures had to be taken in each case. Once this is over, we’ll no doubt find some deaths attributed to the virus mislaid at its door, but not until then. In the meantime, we remain #saferathome.

In book news, my publisher is close to finalizing the cover and I love it. No dragon, but definitely a Moira. I can’t wait to share it with you all when the time comes.

Please hang in there. We’re all in this together. And for my fellow writers and word enthusiasts out there; it’s totally okay to not be creative right now. Some people have gotten more work done lately that they have in their entire life, but that doesn’t have to be you. The race is yours and it’s okay if you’re walking it like a tightrope right now. Do what you have to do to get through.

This will end. And we will have ourselves to show for it. That’s all we need.

2 thoughts on “March Update

  1. I love reading you write, “my publisher.” Awesome!!

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    1. I know, right! So far my publication date hasn’t changed. Fingers crossed!

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