November 2021 Update

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I feel like the ostrich above is judging me for not updating you all sooner. It’s squinting at the title as it eyeballs the calendar.

So be it.

For like the ostrich above, I too, have been mistaken for having my head stuck in the sand.

I have not, I assure you.

What I have been doing is writing. Last month was National Novel Writing Month where those who choose to participate complained every day about how many words we have to write to make it to the 50K word mark by the end of the month.

What fun! Of course, I signed up. I didn’t know I was going to until about a week before, but that was enough time to do a little research and settle on a POV as well as a genre.

I thought I’d try a little something different and chose to write my story from the first person. Then I went ahead and picked a genre I’ve never done before: contemporary YA romance.

And I did it! I wrote 50k words last month, which is quite a stretch for me. No, it’s not done. Yes, I will finish it. Hopefully soon. Until then, I should probably check in on the children and make sure they’re alive and well.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Back to it!

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