August 2021 Update

Unbeknownst to me, I decided I was going to to take the summer off from blogging. I must say, even though I didn’t know it was going to happen, I did enjoy it. I’ve been reading and planning and writing and getting used to the idea of being out there mixing with society again. Not only getting used to the idea of it, but doing it. Reconnecting with family while doing outdoorsy-type things like camping or having picnics while making plans for the future.

As I write this, however, the delta variant of the coronavirus is raging amongst, you guessed it, the unvaccinated. Unfortunately, this includes those not able to take the vaccine and not just those who decided they didn’t want to take the vaccine. The devastating part is that twenty percent of new cases are among children.

As is we didn’t know this, the virus reminds us it doesn’t care how old, prosperous, or free you think you are. It is relentless in its endeavor, acting with single-minded intent to spread itself to as many people as it can.

Why do I care? I’ve been vaccinated, but my kids have not. They’re too young and they’re about to go back to school where they’ll be mixing with a whole bunch of other little people also unable to be vaccinated because of their age. Thankfully, they can wear masks without the state government threatening the school to insist otherwise. Thankfully, there are procedures already in place to help limit the spread without superintendents of their school district being threatened to have their pay suspended.

We all wanted this to be over as soon as possible, but some are making it awful hard for that to happen. I think we all feel like that kid assigned to a group project who’s picking up everyone else’s slack so they can make it across the finish line with their GPA intact.

Over 600,000 lives have been lost to this pandemic and it’s not over yet.

If you’re reading this and you can get vaccinated, please do so. If you’ve already been vaccinated, thank you. Hang in there. Wear a mask. Be kind to one another. When you feel like you’re in hell, keep going, so you can get through it. We will get through it.

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