January Update


Happy New Year!

I was going to post in December about resolutions and kind of missed the boat. Then I was going to write and tell you my Christmas tree was still up, and then we took it down. I’m ahead of the game in some respects and behind in others. Ah, life. I guess I better update you all before things change again, and change they will because that’s what happens. But first…

Happy New Decade!

It’s 2020! Woot! When does my vision get better?

Anyway. 2020 is already lining up to be a busy year. I may have broken my record for having my summer planned in advance. In the past, I’ve made it until March before I get into gear putting activities on the calendar. Not this year. We started planning summer 2020 at Thanksgiving, firming things up over Christmas. We’re not typically so organised, but we all have engagements scheduled for this summer that we have to plan for or risk running afoul of other’s schedules and missing something.

My debut novel, The Dragoneer, gets released June 2, 2020 and I’m over the moon excited about it. And yet, it doesn’t come out for five and a half months so I have to maintain some level of enthusiasm for the event without tiring myself out and making myself hate life. It’s all about balance people. And shameless self promotion. Because if I don’t tell people about it, no one will know. So, if you read this blog and you’re in the area, stop by A room of One’s Own located at 315 W. Gorham St. in Madison, WI on June 2 at 6:00 pm for a chance to hear the author (me!) read and get your very own copy signed. There will probably be cookies. Do it for the cookies.

Between now and then, there’s still lots to do. I still have to write my acknowledgements and provide an author photo. Don’t be surprised if it’s the picture from this website. Also, there’s the little matter of a book cover. Eventually, I’ll have one of those finalized as well, along with a galley proof where I get to make any final line edits.

Besides book stuff (I’m so grateful to have book stuff!) I will be traveling abroad with the family, and without, as well as attending my favorite writer’s conference, which also happens to be the best conference for writers in the Midwest, the University of Wisconsin’s 31st Annual Writer’s Institute.

Also, betwixt and between school finishing up and making sure the kids get to spend time with their grandparents, we will be visiting the great nation of Denmark, and possibly Germany. And just like that the summer will be over and we’ll be getting ready for Halloween again soon.

Now, excuse my while I go and thank everyone I’ve ever known.

2 thoughts on “January Update

  1. Nichole McLaughlin January 15, 2020 — 12:55 pm

    I can’t wait till June 2!!


  2. Congratulations, Amber! You are now an author as well as a writer. Great job I’ll be watching for the link to buy it.

    Liked by 1 person

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