“What Are You Going To Be?”

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

“What are you going to be?”

Such a loaded question getting thrown around by the younger set this time of year.

Imaginations run wild. What to be? What to be? The only limitation is your imagination. Anyone who has a child, or used to be one, knows that means there’s really no limit all.

This year my daughter is going to be a pirate. She’s got the rolling “Arrr’s” down pat. At first, she wasn’t just going to be any kind of pirate though. She wanted to be an elemental pirate.

What is an elemental pirate? I’m not sure. She was a little sketchy on the details. She would either be able to harness control of the elements and use them against her little brother or be in charge of all the elements. And then use them against her little brother.

She wanted a hat. Okay, fine. I’ve had to remind her I’m not a milliner more than once in her lifetime, but I made her a hat. It’s black felt and held together with a fair amount of hot-glue, but it doesn’t have to last long. The real find came when we went to the local resale shop and found a pirate costume. I was prepared to purchase stripey fabric and make pieces myself, but there was no need. On a low shelf, tucked out of the way, there it was – a pirate costume. The kicker – it was even her size.

And how much did they want for it? $3.50. Take. My. Money.

Let’s never stop asking ourselves what we want to be. And always let answers include words like kind, patient, and loving even if responses might regularly include words like run-down, overworked, and tired.

Side Note: No one ever says ‘Writer,’ or ‘Author,’ by the way. Maybe because the costume just isn’t that cool. Typewriters/laptops/whiskey bottles are heavy and would make it hard to carry the trick-or-treat bucket.

1 thought on ““What Are You Going To Be?”

  1. Very funny ideas for writer halloween costume, and true, no one ever says they want to dress up as a writer.
    Interesting coincidence for me. I just read the second book in the Elementae Series https://www.goodreads.com/series/154127-the-elementae
    in which strong female pirates (yes) have powers that correspond to a natural element like earth, wind, water, fire. (yes).
    You couldn’t make this stuff up. Unless you were a writer, of course.
    also, they go to a group of islands called the Wyverns that originated as dragons turned to land.

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