March Update



I’m a child of the ’80’s. When someone says Leprechaun, my mind automatically goes to the 1993 film of the same name, notable for an early appearance by Jennifer Aniston. I never saw it, but the preview must have left an impression. When St. Patrick’s day rolled around last weekend, I was definitely not interested in trying to catch one.

I mean, why is that a thing now?

My daughter had a sleep over last year around this time and they tried to “trap” a leprechaun. You know it was evil because there was glitter involved. In the morning the supposed leprechaun left gold coins, which my daughter proudly exclaims to still have. I’m not sure if that means the trap worked or if it didn’t, but who cares, because gold coins, am I right?

This year, when she realized we didn’t try to catch one she was sad for all of about two seconds. But still.

I’ve been over trying to give my kids a magical childhood since before they were born. I’m not saying we don’t celebrate major holidays or their birthdays, but I refuse to make every holiday into a big deal. Yes, we went to Ireland, and my kids saw plenty of shamrocks, but they’re not associating them with leprechauns for whatever reason. I’m either an awesome parent or failing, not sure which. Either way, there was not much celebrating done this St. Patrick’s Day.

My kids are too excited for spring break next week when we will be travelling, by car, to Colorado. I’ve made my husband promise we’ll take our time, which means stopping to spend the night somewhere between here and there. He gets to drive, I get to read and write and throw snacks to the kids once in a while to keep them happy. Wish me luck!

Yes, I see the irony in the whole St. Patrick’s thing, thank you.

Looking forward to April, I will be attending the UW-Madison’s 30th Annual Writer’s Conference which I’ve been going to for several years now. Long enough to look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Prepare yourself. We might be getting super introspective next month. Just warning you.


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