April Update



An April update you say? A little late you say? I would agree. Except I live in WI and spring only sprung here within the last week. Not only did we get snow at the beginning of the month (Funny story real quick. I know this because I may have gently slid into the car in front of me at an intersection as I came to a stop, standing on the brake pedal with both feet, but I digress) but a week ago we had a snow storm drop 5-7 inches on us and as much as two feet in places farther north. So, yeah, now I’m ready to do an April update.

Here’s the Bargello baby quilt I’ve been working on. I love Bargello. I don’t know why. Something about all of the little squares coming together makes me happy. For some keen-eyed observers, you’ll see my seems don’t line up and that’s because they don’t have to. That’s right. Sometimes seems don’t have to line up and things still work out. If it hurts to see a Bargello like this, turn away and return when I complete one where all the corners meet. Because I will be doing another quilt like this, in much the same way, but with an eye towards making things come together at the corners. As long as I don’t have to cut the strips. I bought a jelly roll of fabric for this quilt and I would do it again. As someone who has had issues cutting strips in the past (hello useless banana-shaped pieces) it was nice to have straight strips to work with.


In writing news, I jumped on the bandwagon this past weekend and joined #Revpit over on twitter. I submitted a query letter and the first five pages of my manuscript to two editors and one alternate in the hopes that one might choose to work with me on editing my entire manuscript and making it fit for general consumption. I haven’t heard anything, but it was a good exercise and gave me the opportunity to connect with other writers.

I also attended the 29th Annual Writer’s Institute in Madison, WI a few weeks ago. This was where I learned about #Revpit in the first place. I attended some inspiring and interesting sessions and met with an agent who requested to see some pages. Since giving my first five pages an in-depth going over for the contest, I’ve edited even more since then, but it keeps getting better. Ultimately, I want it to be the best I can do.

April was a crazy month for the weather and for me personally. Here’s hoping May keeps it interesting.

Write on!


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