My Top 5 To Do This Season


It’s Christmastime. Again. Which happens like every year. I’m happy to say I get better and better at being prepared, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have goals to accomplish this month. Goals that change from year to year or even day to day. Here are my top 5 for this holiday season.

5. Send Greeting Cards. I remember when I used to hand write every address. Those days are gone unless I make a mistake on my list. Now the envelopes either get the addresses printed on them or I make labels and stick those on. Go me. Life is short and my hand hurts after I make sure to write in every card. I figure that’s where a general or more personalized greeting should lie – within the card itself. Who cares if it isn’t a hand-lettered envelope? Some may, I’m sure, but I’m just happy to be remembered at this time of year. I move past the envelope and focus on the card where the greeting lies.
4. Try Something New. Maybe sending greeting cards. But how about a new tradition.? You won’t know what you might be interested in repeating year after year if you don’t give something a try. This year, I’ve purchased a small gingerbread village. I don’t know if this is something we’ll do every year, but I thought we’d give it a try and see what happens. Probably tears, but at least we tried. The reason for a village, of course, is so everyone can have their own hut and I don’t have to worry about the kids messing mine up. Don’t like to decorate small houses let alone your own home? Then don’t. Pick something else. Try baking cookies.
3. Finish One Thing. It’s all so overwhelming! Decorating, shopping, wrapping, mailing, remembering the reason for the season. It can be a bit much. So buckle down and do one thing and call it good. Haven’t decorated. Dig out your favorite ornament and hang it somewhere. Done. But pick one thing. Do it. And then, totally up to you, pick another thing. See how it goes, but you have to start somewhere. And then even if you only ever complete the one thing, hey you finished something. Celebrate.
2. Delight in the Wonder of the Season. This isn’t too hard for me because I have kids and they are professionals at being delighted in December. I can’t remember what it’s like to be a kid, so I have to watch my children and follow their example. If you don’t have kids or aren’t related to any of the younger set, take a second to notice the children when you’re next out shopping. Not in a creepy way. And ignore the ones who are begging for toys because we all have our moments. Watch the ones who watch the lights and stare at the decorations like they’ve never seen anything so grand. Maybe they haven’t. Try to remember what that was like.
1. Be Present. This is a tough one. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve read the list. When do I have time for this? And the answer is, while I’m doing all of the other things I try to keep in mind that nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass. This goes for the good stuff and the bad stuff. This time of the year only comes around once every 12 months, thank goodness, and it’s worth investing your time to be in the moment because around the corner is a nice long break from the whole business of the holidays.
These are my top 5 goals for this holiday season. What about you? Is there something you would like to accomplish before Christmas or the end of the year? Please share. Good luck to you and Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 To Do This Season

  1. I love 2 and 1 in particular. As an empty nester, I’m already missing all the little things that seems so exhausting when my children were young. And, yes, enjoy your children’s delight at the season!


    1. Oh, and ignore the typo above – it’s Christmas, after all 😉


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