Keeping It Fluid

Update on the whole query thing: Agents queried – 34. Rejections received – 12.

Other than thinking I should be querying more, I’m staying positive and working with what I have. Literally.

Since I made it through the entirety of Story Engineering by Larry Brooks, I’ve decided to make some changes to my novel.

As a friend pointed out, “it’s supposed to be fluid, you know, until it’s not.” If you could read that in a surfer-dude voice you’ll have an idea of what I have to deal with over here.

So, I’m going back—not all the way back to the drawing board, thank goodness—and moving parts around. Also, writing some new scenes and really focusing on giving the story a resolution. I’ve known the whole non-ending was a problem for a while now and I know what I need to do. In the end, I hope to make it a stand-alone novel with series potential and then go ahead and get started on book two, which is outlined already.

I have a destination in mind. There are road signs posted and ready for me to follow. I will never get tired of this metaphor.

In other news I’m happy to say a friend of mine started construction of her own T-shirt quilt and, oh my goodness, it looks amazing. So much more awesome than mine. She’s going to give me the rundown on her process and I’m going to compare it to my own and we’ll see how the two projects wrap up. I’m going to figure out how to add pictures to this madness, I swear. Then we can see the differences between the tops.

Not sure when we’ll get into finishing as Halloween approaches. Costumes have to be made. Candy must be purchased and GIVEN AWAY. Not eaten. GIVEN AWAY.

My two-year-old is going to be a lion. I already have the costume because I made it three years ago for my eldest. Now, in her infinite wisdom, my eldest wants to be…wait for it…a lion.

So I’ve got that going for me. I’m off to sew some fleece together and cut it apart again.

Doing the write thing,


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