First blog post

Hello, world.
A little about me and what to expect from this blog: I’ve got a background in Geology and more recently in Geography. I’ve written a YA Fantasy novel and am seeking representation. Haven’t had too much luck, but I maintain my optimism; it’s like a shield. It’s covered in all sorts of gunk, but only a few rotten fruit. I’m sure I’ll write about writing and how freakin’ hard it is. Not this blog thing, though. This should be easy. We’re all friends here, right? Right.

I will also, almost certainly, write about whatever project I’m in the middle of. We moved to a new house last December, and it needs some work. So there will be some remodeling and painting projects going on until snow flies and then we’ll see. Other projects include what’s happening around my sewing machine. I’m an amateur sewer with about 18 years experience. That means, if I stop to count them up there are about 18 different projects I’m in the middle of. A few that come to mind include a throw-size t-shirt quilt (this sounded like such a good idea at one time), a queen-size quilt for my husband and I, and a baby-carrier for my little boy, which let’s be frank, that one’s not getting done because he’s walking now.

Other things that might appear in this blog include anything and everything that catches my fancy. Like anything. I’m currently rereading a book on grammar, so you know I’m a riot. And I just admitted that I’m rereading it. Yes, I read it before, and I came back for seconds.

Let me proclaim, now for the world to read, my love for Terry Pratchett and how much I miss his work. I was 20 weeks along with my son when he passed, so I’d like to blame being pregnant for the ugly cry that ensued, but I think it would have happened anyway. When I sit down and think about it, or just in passing, it happens again.

I promise if I find a really fantastic book, I’ll pass it along. Speaking of books, I know people who have written a few. I might get a chance to ask them about their work and share it with you along the way.
Thanks for reading.

1 thought on “First blog post

  1. Well, hello back to you! I don’t sew. I’m too old to fix up houses anymore. I studied geography back when all you’re studying was being formed in molten magma. But I like your style! Looking forward to hanging out with you on your blog.

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