A Queen-Sized Quilt Project


I did it!

I had a ton of help, but I did it!

I finished a quilt for my bed I can sleep under. And I have slept under it. It’s warm.

The idea for a queen-sized quilt has been on my mind for a while. I’m not sure exactly how long, but it may have been *cough* years. But what pattern? What color? When will I find the time?

The mind boggles. But while it boggles, it also sometimes, thinks and makes decisions. We moved two years ago and our new home is a never-ending source of projects. One of the projects we got around to was painting – not all of it, there’s still a lot more to do, but we did paint our bedroom. We painted it purple.

So somewhere along the way, my mind decided, “The quilt shall be purple.” Imagine an ominous booming voice saying so. I do. With a color scheme in mind, I made my husband come with me to pick out some fabric. I needed six different purples, light to dark, that went together. Sounds easy, right? That’s why it took two of us.

As I may have mentioned I have a ridiculous love of squares sewn into interesting patterns. I especially love that I can create this effect with a minimum amount of effort on my part using strip piecing and the tube method. Look it up. You’ll thank me later. What I did, in this case, was find a baby quilt pattern I loved and just changed the size (resolution?) of the squares to make it queen sized. Ah, math.

Then I gave it to my friend. And by ‘gave,’ I mean I paid her to quilt it for me. She has a fancy long arm and I don’t much like quilting anyway, so this was a great option for me. She kept me up to date with lots of pictures. Here’s what it looked like on the machine.


This was toward the second half of the quilting process. She also sent me close-ups of her fancy swirls.



Then it was up to me to finish the quilt with a pieced binding. My friend wouldn’t do it. Well, I guess I could have paid her more, but she’s decided to make her binding services prohibitively expensive. I don’t have the million dollar fee she wants to charge. Better to suck it up and bind it on my own. It’s kind of like magic. When I’m binding a quilt, especially one I’m going to sleep under, I try to have peaceful thoughts as I finish it up. It’s no good to secure the work in haste and agitation. Nobody wants that.

Is it perfect? Oh, my, no. Not at all. I don’t know what issues there might have been with the quilting (it looks great to me), but I definitely know the piecing is off and doesn’t quite match the pattern I was supposed to follow. The top half of the quilt came out okay, but the bottom half got away from me. Do I mind? Not really. It’s still beautiful, imperfections and all. And it still does the job it was intended to do. I asked my husband if it bothered him and he said no. In fact, I think I got more than one high five when I finished it.

After *cough* many years, I now have a gorgeous quilt I will use the rest of my days. Or, you know, until I get tired of it and want to make another one because why not? I’ll have to save that for another time because I think my next project will be a table runner made up of, you guessed it, squares. This one I might attempt to quilt on my own, but maybe not on my machine. We’ll see.

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